My faith teaches me to treat people fairly.  To love mercy and live humbly.  Those are the values my parents raised me with, and they keep me grounded.

I was a Republican for many years and was active in the party, but I reached a turning point — I married a man with three daughters, my sister became disabled, and the political climate became more and more vicious.  The party I belonged to stopped representing my values, and it stopped offering solutions to the problems facing families like mine. So I switched parties. I’m running to represent District 94, because I want my daughters to know that their voices matter. I want them to see that government can work, and that decency, love, and service are the best way to lead.

I’m running for office, because everybody in this district deserves dignity and respect. The people of Rogers face real challenges, and they deserve a representative who will listen to them and truly represent them.

It is so important that our elected officials be able to look at the current and future needs of District 94.  We need to look past partisan extremism and address this state’s real problems. I will fight for better public schools, better infrastructure, and a better economy. Because far too many people in District 94 don’t know where their next meal is coming from, or can’t afford basic health care. Our community deserves a representative who will work hard to provide a better way forward. We don’t need more partisan extremism — we need solutions.