District 94 is home to 14 public schools, 2 charter schools, and a private-parochial school.  Nearly 30% of the population of District 94 under the age of 18!  We have some of the highest-ranked schools in the state, and they often get national attention.  We need to support our public teachers — they know what resources they need to do their job, and our elected officials should be following their lead. Every child in Arkansas should have access to an excellent public education, teachers in Arkansas should be paid a wage that is nationally competitive, and no teacher should have to pay out-of-pocket for the classroom supplies our kids need to learn and grow.

To have a growing economy Arkansas must invest in pre-K services, and in our changing economy we have to take adult education and skills-retraining seriously. Right here in Rogers, we have the tools we need to build a skilled workforce — let’s create more access to vocational, technical and community college training. It is essential to attracting outside industry. Arkansas’s future is bright, but only if we invest seriously in education.


Benton County is the fastest growing county in the state of Arkansas and part of one of the fastest grown MSA’s in the USA.  District 94 has 3 Interstate interchanges, two of which are being extensively reworked.  And a handful of miles of 71B from Dixieland Road to 8th Street is being widened to a five-lane road. 

District 94 is also the most densely populated district in Benton County and contains miles of water and sewer lines.  The piping is aging and will need expansion and replacement. Looking to the future, our infrastructure has to be maintained. Because every family in Rogers needs safe drinking water and sanitation. The transportation of goods, services and people depend on good, drivable roads — rural Arkansans simply cannot make money without good roads.  We are growing, and our state’s infrastructure is struggling to keep up. We need a bipartisan approach to infrastructure development, or our economy will grind to a halt.

Economy & Well-Being

Northwest Arkansas has been a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity for decades.  There are great incubators in Northwest Arkansas that have helped numerous start-ups, but we need additional mentoring, training, and investment to retain the small businesses that are outside of the Big 3.

In District 94, we need to attract more nurses, teachers, and service sector workers. We need to encourage small business start-ups so that our local economy will attract families and continue to grow.  Without a diverse economic base and innovation, an area’s economy becomes unsustainable.  Let’s make economic investments across our state in places like District 94, encouraging growth and diversification.

When Arkansas’s economy does well, Arkansas’s families do well. Too many in District 94 struggle with hunger, or with access to health care. We have to make sure our economy works for everyone, so that everyone in Arkansas has a fair shot.