An ancient writer many millennia ago knew what it took to live rightly.  Treat people justly.  Give mercy and live humbly.  These are tenets my parents raised me knowing.  This was the measuring stick to living well with my fellow people. 

I was a Republican for many years and very active in the party.  I reached a turning point after marrying a man with three daughters, my sister becoming disabled, and the political climate growing more and more contentious.  I could no longer reconcile what the political philosophy was espousing and what I knew about living a good life towards other people as in:  feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, clothe the naked, welcome the foreigner, visit the imprisoned, care for the widowed and orphaned…basically give dignity and respect to humanity while answering the need.    

This cognizant change of attitude, rectification of what I believed to be the way to treat my fellow human and how they were actually being treated, is what propelled me to this point.  Those most vulnerable must be represented while also proactively looking at the needs of the future. It is imperative that our legislative representation be able to look at the current and future needs of this area.  I am running to represent the people of District 94 and to fight for better education, infrastructure and continued economic development.